Glenn Heights woman accused of killing husband caught with another woman incompetent to stand trial

Glenn Heights, TX - Shazetta Jackson-Pickett, 42, will receive in-patient treatment at North Texas State Hospital in Vernon for up to 120 days in an effort to be found competent to stand trial, court records show. 

She is charged with murder in the March slaying of 37-year-old Chester Pickett. Jackson-Pickett found Pickett with another woman when she went to his job to confront him about "ongoing issues in their marriage," according to an arrest warrant affidavit. 2000 GH crimeW

Pickett worked as a security guard and founded a private security business that catered to parties and clubs.

Jackson-Pickett told police that she pulled out a gun in her car to kill herself the day she confronted her husband. When she overheard Pickett talking on the phone about her, she turned the gun on him. After shooting him, she fled and called two relatives, saying she wanted to kill herself, the warrant says.

Jackson-Pickett was twice placed on suicide watch in the mental health infirmary at the Dallas County jail. When she was in a regular cell, guards checked on her every 15 minutes, instead of the regular 30-minute intervals, county officials said. 

After Jackson-Pickett's arrest, her attorney requested a psychiatrist examine her for mental illness and to determine whether she is competent to stand trial. 

The defense attorney and prosecutors agreed that Jackson-Pickett is incompetent to stand trial. Court records show that she was found to be "a danger to others and may not be safely treated on an out-patient basis for the purpose of attaining competency." 

Jackson-Pickett will be kept in a maximum security unit at North Texas State Hospital. 

Source: Dallas Morning News