Hundreds of people protest outside Glenn Heights business after customer claims owner called him N-word

Written by Demond Fernandez, Elizabeth Wiley Demond Fernandez, Elizabeth Wiley
Created: 24 June 2020 24 June 2020

Glenn Heights, TX - At least 200 people gathered outside an auto care business in Glenn Heights Wednesday, after a customer claimed the owner called him and his mother the N-word.

Leonardo Allen said the confrontation occurred after he used the business' bathroom and dropped a napkin in a toilet, and possibly forgot to flush it.

Allen said the owner approached him outside and began using racial slurs and saying sexually vulgar things about Allen's mother.

A small group of protesters arrived around 10 a.m. at the business located near Interstate 35E and Bear Creek Road, but the crowd size had grown to around 200 by 2 p.m.

"As you can see, the people is upset with it," Allen said. "I'm so mad, I can't even show how mad I am."

Employees locked themselves inside the business until police escorted them to their cars. As the employees drove away, some protesters vandalized the cars, while other people attempted to keep the crowds away from the vehicles.

Mayor Pro Tem Sonja A. Brown said city leaders cannot have racial intolerance in Glenn Heights.

The business has been open less than six months, according to Brown. 

Brown confirmed that Allen and the owner were initially cited for disorderly conduct, but a city spokesperson said those citations were dismissed by police Chief Vernell E. Dooley.

Glenn Heights police would not issue a statement on the incident, saying it pertained to a private business.

As the owner and staff were leaving the shop, the owner wouldn't speak, but two workers said it was all a misunderstanding. They said the owner is from another country and didn't know what they were saying.

Source: WFAA

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