Dallas ISD warns about Oak Cliff student robberies

Written by Jack Beavers Jack Beavers
Created: 03 March 2019 03 March 2019

Oak Cliff - A series of robberies has sparked the Dallas ISD to send a letter of warning to parents of Oak Cliff students.  The letter warns of robbers targeting students walking alone or standing at bus stops after the end of the school day. 

Students robbed of cell phones at gunpoint

“In most instances, students were held at gunpoint and forced to hand over their personal belongings, particularly, their cell phones,” the letter says.

Students are urged to walk in groups, avoid isolated dimly-lit areas, avoid contact with strangers and urged to keep their cell phones hidden. 

Finally, the district urges any students who are victimized to report the incident to police or an adult immediately.

Source: WFAA