Life School Ensures Every Student Has a Learning Device

Written by Maureen Wiegert Maureen Wiegert
Created: 05 February 2021 05 February 2021

Oak Cliff - When the COVID-19 pandemic hit last March, few entities had to pivot harder or faster than schools. Faced with the need to provide online education to more than 5,500 students almost overnight, Life School worked quickly to meet a growing need.

At the time, the best solution was to poll families to find out who had devices that could be used at home and who needed to be issued one from school. By utilizing the devices that campuses had on hand, Life School was able to ensure that every family had a device to be used by students, although many sibling groups were asked to share.


All Life School students like this Life School Mountain Creek 5th grader now have a Chromebook or tablet for learning.

 Now, only 10 months later and Life School is officially a 1:1 District. This means every Life School student from kindergarten through 12th grade has been issued either a Chromebook or tablet for learning, depending on their grade level. No longer must siblings share a device in order to complete their work as all students, both remote and in-person learners are in possession of a Life School issued device.  

“Taking a school district 1:1 in terms of technology is a feat that takes most districts several years to complete. Thanks, in part, to funding made available by the Coronavirus Recovery Fund, Life School was able to complete this transition in less than a year,” says Life School Chief Operations Office Barry West.

“Having consistency across the district in terms of devices is essential to support student’s online learning needs. While many students are learning remotely, having devices for our on-campus learners has allowed us to quickly implement our Learning Management Systems. The systems allow us to streamline assignments and grades across the district,” says Chief Academic Officer Troy Mooney.

About Life SchoolLife School Open Enrollment is going on now. Apply online for the 2021-2022 school year at, Life School opened as an open-enrollment public charter school in 1998 and has schools in Carrollton, Cedar Hill, Dallas, Lancaster, Oak Cliff, Red Oak, and Waxahachie. The mission of Life School is to develop leaders with life skills through strong academics, character training, and partnerships with parents and the community. For more information, please visit .

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