Hi! My name is Kerston Crawford-Thorns, cook and owner of Pearlie’s Southern Kitchen. I was raised in Southern California, where I was exposed to traditional southern-style cooking. My first introduction to cooking started with cornbread at the tender age of six under the guidance of my grandmother Pearlie Mae.

I could remember the warm, sweet, buttery scent that almost suffocated you every minute until it was done.kerston

She said, “Recipes were a good start but true cooking came from smells, taste, and touch…something you can’t capture in writing or measurement.” “It’s from the soul”. Laughter always found a comfortable place in our home and people would travel near and far to experience her kinship and cooking. The house was always filled with old classics like, Brook Benton’s “A Rainy Night in Georgia” one of her favorites or a Pattie LaBelle, Gladys Knight, Dinah Washington type filling your heart with love and sometimes pain of a love lost…but she said, “That was life”.

​My style of cooking is deeply rooted in the South. From early on, I knew I enjoyed creating food to please my friends and family. To me, food is more than nourishment, its comfort, kinship and a sprinkle of laughter on a plate.

Today, my cooking and baking has evolved to launching Pearlie’s Southern Kitchen. My focus is still traditional main dishes but I also create desserts affectionately known as “Pearlie’s Sweet Notes.”

​True to the motto, “From our generation to yours” I believe the key to a successful business is in the food and the customer’s experience. PSK’s competitive edge is in the people and we are excited to share a plate with you.

In the famous words of Pearlie Mae, “Chile…grab you a plate!”

Pearlie's Southern Kitchen has a food concession booth at the State Fair of Texas to Ocober 17th


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