Red Oak ISD launches Hawk Parent University

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Created: 15 December 2021 15 December 2021

Red Oak, TX - Red Oak ISD Superintendent Brenda Sanford re-opened district campuses to parents in November this year after 20 months of COVID protocols had the doors open to only staff and students.

The use of a color-coded system tells the community what protocols, if any, are in place based on the current number of COVID cases.

As the district re-opened, they have continued to seek avenues to better connect with parents, especially at the secondary level. At one of the district’s virtual Coffee Talks with Superintendent Sanford this fall, a participant mentioned a parent university to help parents and guardians discover skills to support their students in school, and the district has run with it.

“This is just what we need to re-connect with our parents and guardians, many of which are new or have moved up to secondary grades,” Sanford said. “We have been talking to parents about what they need and we know the inquires we receive regularly that need to be addressed. We have put several new programs in place and need to be sure parents are informed about the options. We hope to help parents better navigate the district opportunities for their students academically and personally.”

The launch of Red Oak ISD’s Hawk Parent University will take place Jan. 6 with a joint meeting for all middle school and high school parents at the Red Oak High School cafeteria starting at 6 p.m.

The launch meeting will cover content for both schools regarding student support programs, how to report bullying or incidents to the school, and how the district conducts an investigation. ROISD Police Chief Prasifka will cover issues of jurisdiction, including social media, and changes in legislation that alter student charges. Campus administrators will cover discipline options and FERPA rules.

After the initial joint meeting, both secondary schools will begin hosting a campus Hawk Parent University for their specific parents and guardians covering an assortment of topics relative to the school and the age of students.

Input from parents on topics has been sought through the district ROCAC group, which includes parents and staff, as well as campus newsletters with active links. Upcoming topics could include EOC Exam Preparation, College and Career Success, Summer Engagement, and Academics 101 with an overview of ROISD grading and grad plans.

Each Hawk Parent University will have a topic to ensure the proper experts are on hand to cover the topic. Hawk Parent Universities are not the forum for individual student issues (those must follow the process) or open to non-topic conversations due to specific personnel on hand to answer topical questions.

The district continues to keep an open-door policy with parents and the community. Input, suggestions, and concerns can be sent by email to , parents can make an appointment with their campus principal or Sanford, or attend one of the numerous Coffee Talks or spring town halls to hear what’s going and talk about solutions.

“We know the past almost two years have raised the stress levels of students, parents, and staff,” Sanford said. “We need to come together to remember we want the same thing – we all want our students, each member of the Hawk student body, to be successful and strive to fulfill their individual dreams. We need to get back to honest conversations about how Red Oak ISD, together with parental partnerships, can best serve our students' needs. We look forward to a packed house on Jan. 6.”

Future monthly dates and topics will be sent out from the campus level to parents in January.

Source: Waxahachie Daily Light