Red Oak Middle School Choir Students Earn Spot in All-Region Choir

Created: 24 January 2016 24 January 2016

Red Oak, TX - On January 15 and 16, members of the Red Oak Middle School Choir auditioned for a spot in the All-Region Choir. 

Out of the 27 ROMS students who auditioned, 9 earned a spot. The auditions were held at Young Women’s Leadership Academy in Grand Prairie. Choirs from all over Region 20 were in attendance.

The students learned four pieces of music and had to sing a small section of two of the pieces by themselves for five judges. Each room (about 70-90 kids) was ranked, and the top 22 kids in each room made the choir.

Red Oak Middle School Choir Director, Jena Bowling, said, “I am very proud of all of the students who learned the music. Auditioning for All-Region is very difficult and can be frightening for middle school aged kids. Everyone who auditioned put in a ton of extra time outside of school preparing, and each student who earned a spot in the choir deserves it. I cannot wait to hear them sing on Saturday, January 30!”

The following are the students who made All-Region Choir:

Hannah Foster- 6th Grade Choir 7th Chair Part 1

Elida Garcia- 6th Grade Choir 9th Chair Part 1

Briannah Nelson- Treble Choir 2nd Chair Soprano 2

Avery Taylor- Treble Choir 5th Chair Soprano 1

Landon Blanton- Mixed Choir 21st Chair Tenor 1

Emma Cottrell- Mixed Choir 9th Chair Soprano 1

Joshua Koiner- Mixed Choir 4th Chair Baritone

Emma Pitts- Mixed Choir 10th Chair Soprano 2

Jasmine Shepherd- Mixed Choir 9th Chair Soprano 1

All region choir pic 1