Flight Plan 2023 prepares Red Oak ISD for growth, improvement within A—F system

Red Oak, TX - The Red Oak ISD Board of Trustees unanimously approved Flight Plan 2023 that focuses on improvement in academics, staffing, finance, growth and facilities, and communications.

The five-year plan prepares the district for future growth, builds staff capacity for higher student learning, maintains district fiscal responsibility, and enhances positive community relations through communications.

Flight Plan 2023 reflects the feedback and priorities identified through steering committee meetings, strategic planning questionnaires, in-depth interviews and school board insights.


“Flight Plan 2023 will ensure Red Oak ISD continues to move forward as a strong school district and is prepared to face the challenges and opportunities ahead,” assured Red Oak ISD Superintendent Dr. Michael Goddard.

This plan includes the vision and mission to provide guidance on how to build strength across ROISD.

Goddard also informed that Flight Plan 2023 is a significant step to ensure the district and all its stakeholders will move forward together to make ROISD one of the best in the state and nation “when it comes to serving our communities, impacting our students, helping our teachers be their best and using growth to enhance the collective experience for all.”

Flight Plan 2023 has its goals organized by academics, staff, finances, growth and facilities, and communications.

The end intention for all students to possess academic and personal skills for success in life after high school whether they pursue two or four-year college degrees, career paths or the military.

According to the A—F Accountability ratings administered by the Texas Education Agency, ROISD earned an 88 percent in the college, career and military readiness score.

The district will focus on the creation of rigorous, relevant and engaging learning experiences for all students. Investments in instructional technology, career technology education options and opportunities to learn beyond the traditional academic core will help engage students in meaningful instruction.

Within academics, the advancement in social-emotional skills is just as essential to prepare students for post-secondary endeavors. The incorporation of components of the graduate profile into regular campus and classroom activities, this is subjected to influence students to have a strong moral character.


The main priority for administrative staff is to recruit, hire, develop, and retain a diverse and premier workforce. The district plans to increase salaries to remain competitive in the industry and offer a compensation package and benefit plans that are competitive for all employees.

According to the A—F Accountability report, the average salary for an ROISD is $49,267. There are approximately 355 full times teachers on the payroll. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported kindergarten through 12th-grade teachers in Texas average about $49,780 annually.

In order to attract and retain qualified personnel, the district plans to increase screening opportunities for potential employees, enhance the mentor program and create a framework to develop leaders. Through these initiatives, internal candidates can take on new roles in leadership positions.


Another critical point in the Flight Plan 2023 includes the management of funding resources responsibly and practice fiscal transparency. In a ROISD Board of Trustees meeting held on Oct. 15, a financial audit from the 2017-18 school year was presented with several positives.

Dan Tonn, an auditor with Hankins, Eastup, Deaton, Tonn & Seay, reported a total of $12.6 million is in the general fund, which increased by $2.1 million during the 2017-18 school year.

In years to come, Goddard noted the district will continue to strive to maintain a healthy fund balance an receive passing scores on state financial accountability reports. In 2017-18 ROISD earned an 86 percent, according to the Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas.


With the significant growth in Ellis County, ROISD is determined to stay ahead of the steady developments to ensure students thrive in a 21st-century environment, Goddard noted.

In 2017-18, a total of 5,788 students enrolled within the seven-campus district, which is comprised of five elementary schools, one middle school and one high school.

Student projections are revised on a regular basis along with a forecast of surrounding housing developments and traffic patterns. These initiatives will allow the district to utilize and develop facilities.

A long-term plan will be developed for all current ROISD facilities to ensure each is efficiently utilized to their maximum potential.


Flight Plan 2023 will have regular progress reports to the board each January and July. The Evidence of Progress report will include steps and data toward meeting each specific outcome by category.

“We plan to be fully transparent about progress toward reaching our specific outcomes,” said Goddard. “We are grateful for our community input and committed to reaching the defined goals and moving the district forward, together.”

While Flight Plan 2023 is a five-year plan, changes to outcomes, additions or modifications, may become necessary as the district evolves. The administration continues to develop higher expectations in all aspects of district operations toward the main vision of Realizing Our Individual Students’ Dreams and the implementation of the daily mission of the 4 Talons – Prepared, GRIT, Character, and Service – by all staff and students.

For more information on Flight Plan 2023, visit, www.redoakisd.org and view the PowerPoint under “District News.”