Red Oak council OK's rezoning that could bring in big-box retailer

Red Oak, TX - The Red Oak City Council on Monday approved a rezoning request that could pave the way for the city’s next big retailer.  The council approved the rezoning of 26.7 acres of land at the northeast intersection of Interstate 35E and Red Oak Road, south of the Hamptons event venue, from Agricultural to Planned Development-137.

The rezoning will allow the landowner to market the property, and project leaders said the goal is to create a shopping center that is anchored by a big-box store.

A concept plan shows two sections of the property. The section on the southwest end of the property would be for general retail, such as small shops, businesses and restaurants. Two drive-thru restaurants would be allowed. A gas station would also be allowed.

The second section, located on the northeast of the property, would allow for a 100,000-square-foot big-box store.

“It could be a grocery store, it could be home improvement, it could be a number of different users,” said Matthias Haubert, senior project manager for Bohler Engineering on behalf of the property owner. “The only big item that we’ve tied down is the size. We’re going to hit that 100,000 square feet. That’s what we’re after to attract that big-box user.”

Council members supported the project, saying it would bring in a retailer to go along with Walmart, its primary retailer.

“We’re always looking for these types of developments to bring the larger stores in,” Mayor Mark Stanfill said.

A site plan and other plans would also be required if a user comes forward.

Residential projects

The council also approved rezoning requests that will bring in larger-lot residential projects to the city.

Council members approved rezoning 84.4 acres from Agricultural to Planned Development-134 at the southeast intersection of Pratt Road and Vinson Lane for Hunter’s Ridge. The project is expected to include 114 residential lots, plus six acres for commercial at the southwest corner of the property.

The homes are expected to give Red Oak a different type of residential product with lot sizes of a half acre or more and larger estate-style homes. Home sizes are expected to be a minimum of 2,400 square feet.

There will be a combination of swing and front entry garage homes, unique stone exteriors and covered front and rear porches and balconies. Homes will have varied elevations.

Lot sizes are expected to be 100 feet wide by 200 feet deep.

The council also revised the Planned Development zoning for 6.7 acres at the northwest intersection of Pierce and Dunn Street for Red Oak Gardens.

The development is expected to have 26 single-family homes. The minimum home size is expected to be 2,200 square feet, and the minimum lot size will be 6,500 square feet.

Industrial and business expansion

The council approved the expenditure of funds for the acquisition of approximately 364 acres of land for business and industrial expansion projects.

The city will spend approximately $7.6 million to acquire 203 acres east of Lowrance Road, west of Pratt Road, south of Pierce Road and north of FM 2377. It will also spend approximately $6.1 million for the acquisition of 159.1 acres, also located east of Lowrance, west of Pratt, south of Pierce and north of FM 2377.

To fund the purchase the city will issue Industrial Development Corporation Sales Tax Revenue Refunding and Improvement bonds.

Source: Waxahachie Daily Light