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Peace.Love.& Eatz Smoothie Bar

324 E Beltline Rd Suite 205
City: DeSota
Zip Code: 75115
Contact Name: James McGee
Phone: 469-567-7009
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Slogan: "If you want to have a comfortable life - a good life - and be content, you need peace, you need love and you need good food"
Intro Text:

Peace. Love. & Eatz is a plant based smoothie bar and restaurant that is allergen conscious and focused on quality Eatz that are accessible to all.

james and wife


Our restaurant was started because we changed to a plant based lifestyle after researching our own health issues and our daughter’s severe allergies. We soon realized that we had no options near us for lunch.

Our journey to a plant based lifestyle did not happen overnight. It was a gradual release of everything we grew up eating and what we were taught was ‘healthy’.  Our way of eating is about learning what your body truly wants and needs. If you want peace in your life, love your body and eat more plants.

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