The city of Waxahachie has 18 city parks available for visitors during the spring weather.

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Created: 06 April 2021 06 April 2021

Waxahachie, TX - As the spring weather comes into full effect, Waxahachie residents have the option to check out each unique park listed throughout the city of Waxahachie.  The city has 18 of their public parks and trails posted on their website,

allowing residents to access an interactive map that includes the features of each park when they click on the map with it.

Out of all the parks, Getzendaner Park is the oldest, located at 400 S. Grand Ave. The 33-acre park provides areas for picnicking, exercising and playing.

Amy Borders, the city's director of communication and marketing, shared a few hidden gems the city has to offer. 

"Getzendaner is the oldest park we have. As for picnics, it really just depends on your preference and what amenities you are looking for, as all of our parks have picnic tables. Getzendaner Park is probably the most visited, but there are also some wonderful hidden gems like Belle Vue Park and Brown-Singleton, too. You could even have a picnic at one of the lake parks with a view of the water," Borders said. parks

Belle Vue Park is located at 309 Cumberland Rd. The nine-acre park provides the neighborhood with a playground, picnic shelter, pond and access to Mustang Creek. 

Belle Vue also leads to access to another city park, Brown-Singleton Park.

Brown-Singleton is made up of 30-acres, located on Farley Street. Unlike the other two parks mentioned, this one offers a disc golf course and a linear walking trail. The trail connects a large pavilion, a playground, various picnic stations and entry to Little Creek Trail. 

For those that would like to enjoy a stroll out in the occasional 70-degree weather, they can visit the newest of the trails, Little Creek Trail, located at 275 Indian Dr. This trail was supposed to have its grand opening in 2020, but due to the pandemic, the trail had a soft opening and has been utilized by the public since. 

"Little Creek and Waxahachie Creek are the two most well known trails, but we also have a trail at the Waxahachie Sports Complex that makes a loop around the facility and is approximately two miles, and one at Lee Penn Park that is almost one mile," Borders shared. 

For detailed information on additional parks available to visit, go to the city's website, .

Source: Waxahachie Daily Light